Thrive October Specials…ready for fall y’all?


These are some really great deals this month on some of my favorite things! If you’d like to make the move towards reducing packaged meals and processed foods, eliminating preservatives and additives from your food, while getting great nutrition, Thrive is your answer! If you’d like to order or need more info, send me an […]

Thrive: May Specials & New Products


My goodness, it’s already the 6th of May! Is anyone else’s head spinning? I just wanted to tell you about the Thrive May Specials, and a smokin’ deal, and some new products that I’m really excited about. click here for larger image The Q-pon item this month is the Freeze Dried Red Bell Peppers. You […]

Giveaway: WINNER!


Well, thank you to everyone who participated in my drawing last week! It was lots of fun. And the winners are…………………………………………. Can I get a drumroll please?……………………………… The winner of the Cookie Dough is Melanie G. from Washington State!   The winner of the Thrive Guide is………………………. Messy Musings from Utah!   Thanks to everyone! […]

Thrive Giveaway: New Cookie Dough & Thrive Guide


I attended the Thrive Life Unleash Your Dreams 2014 Convention earlier this month. It was full of inspiration and motivation and I’m so glad I went. One new thing they announced is the new Thrive Guide. SO.COOL. It lists every item and gives great tips and tricks and ideas for using them. It has recipes, […]

Kitchen Tip: Kosher Salt & Table Salt

TEH Salt FeatIm

Have you ever been in the middle of a recipe and realized that you didn’t have Kosher Salt, only table salt? What to do?? I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to run to the store for every little thing. Who has the time? And if I do, I’ll end up spending 10x […]

Recipe: ChocoCoco PB Crunch Bars


  Delicious, no bake, healthy stuff…you name it, this one’s got it. I love to make this every few weeks to give my kids a treat after school. Don’t you LOVE (sarcasm doesn’t have the same impact in print that it does in speech) when your kids come home from school and the first thing […]

Have the Desire, Be Mindful, Be Determined, and Endure


….this is my mantra. Friend,…..can I call you friend? Let me tell you a little about my journey. Putting it out there makes me feel terribly vulnerable, so please be kind, if just for a moment. But maybe there’s someone out there like me who needs a little push, a few ideas. If so, this […]

Recipe: BEST EVER 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread


I was born with an inability to follow instructions….. no….that’s not true….I CAN follow them, I just don’t like to. One thing I learned in cosmetology school is that you have to learn the rules in order to break the rules, so technically, following a recipe correctly the first time you make it is important, […]

Preparedness: Plant A Seed


Can you imagine a day when you couldn’t go to the grocery store and pick up some canned fruits and veggies, or swing by the produce section and get whatever you fancy? Seems a little far-fetched, right? But not really. I can see it happening. I’ve been reading this fun book Forgotten Skills of Self […]

Kitchen Tip: Magic Dust

thrive dust-TEH

You know I love my Thrive. Like LOVE my Thrive. And I’m getting kind of a big kick out of using every possible part of something. I feel like a pioneer. The wind whipping through my bonnet covered hair, the quiet of the prairie, the outhouse….ok, being a pioneer isn’t always all it’s cracked up […]